Norwegian Spar 7 machine.

You will probably want one of these…

Spar 7 replacement boards.

I made a new batch of these a few days ago. Initially I thought that I had lost the gerber files and the Target 3001 design files, but I was fortunately able to locate them in one of my old backups.

If the files had been lost, I could easily have redesigned these boards, using SMT components in order to make them even more compact. However, the design has proven to be robust and I have way too many other unfinished projects waiting in line to justify a full redesign.

I have several new boards in stock. These are black PCBs with gold coated edge connectors. All components have been sourced from DigiKey (no chinesium).

The board is a plug-in replacement. If your original board is broken, just pop one of these into the edge connector slot and attach the IDC display cable. You will then have a working machine.

There is a high likelihood that this is the last batch I am going to make. Ever. Soldering this many through hole compoents by hand is time consuming and over time it will getting harder to source some of the necessary components.

I’ll let these boards go on a first come, first served basis. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can find my contact info in the About page.

Terms of sale and installation instructions can be found HERE (Norwegian only).

Replacement board installed.